Business Plus Loan

For small-scale business enterprises in order to meet working capital requirement/capital expenditure.

Target Group

Small and medium scale business like wholesaler & retailers, cottage, small and medium  manufacturing/processing/service units, exports, imports, civil contractors, contract suppliers/ manufacturers, workshops, fabricators, educational institutions, service contractors, consultancy, medical and health service providers,  tour & travel business, self-employed business, service, sector business, organized commercial, farming, agriculture, floriculture, horticulture, herb culture, carpet, pashmina manufacturers, traders, boutique, beauty-parlor, handicraft business, training institute, manpower agencies, printing press, food processing including diary, brick manufacturing, etc and any other business as deemed fit.

Type of the Loan

  1. Working Capital :  For stock, receivables management and other working capital requirements.
  2. b) Term Loan : To meet capital expenditure like infrastructure development including purchase of land/office furnishing/purchase of machineries/equipments/instruments, etc.
  3. c) Non fund based : The NFB limit like Guarantee shall also be provided based on the requirement of the business enterprise.

Eligibility (one of the given below):

  1. Proprietorship Firm
  2. Partnership Firm
  3. Limited Company

Registered under the appropriate Government Authority i.e.  Department of Commerce, Department of Cottage & Small Industries, Office of Company Registrar, Municipality, Village Development committee, etc

Rate & Fee

  • Interest Rate (Base rate + Premium) as decided by the Bank from time to time
  • Processing Fee As per STC.
  • Renewal Fee As per STC

Please take some time and review