This Product Paper states and defines process/procedures relating to Bal Surakshya Bachat.
This product has been designed to encourage guardian to save money in the name of their Kids/Children for the future. The product will primarily target to Kids/Children. This saving helps parents to provide better education to their child that helps to secure their future. When the child grows up and starts his/her higher education, the cost tends to become expensive. So, saving from the early days will reduce the burden of the cost in future.

Type of Deposit

Savings Deposit

Purpose of the Deposit

  • Enhances the saving habit of customers.
  • Increases Cross-Selling opportunities.
  • Increases total deposit mix of the bank.
  • To reduce concentration on corporate and call deposit (comparatively volatile in nature).

Eligibility/Target Group

  • This is a Personal Individual Deposit Account opened on behalf of children below 18 years of age by their parents/guardians..


  • Free ABBS Facility
  • Free On demand account statement ree On demand account statement


  • As per Operation Manual/KYC& AML Policy/ NRB Directives.

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