Sadharan Bachat Khata is a saving nature. of product which primarily targets to individual depositors. This product has been designed to encourage individuals to save money on regular basis on a high interest paying saving account. This account is attracted with higher rate of interest and least minimum balance.

Type of Deposit

Savings Deposit

Purpose of the Deposit

  • Increase the saving habits of people.
  • Increase our retail / saving deposit base.
  • To reduce concentration on corporate and call deposit (comparatively volatile in nature) .
  • Provide a savings deposit product with simple and easy features to the ordinary individual deposit customers.
  • Cross Selling of other products.
  • To increase number of saving accounts through low/minimum balance.

Eligibility/Target Group

  • Individuals, Professionals and all types of people.
  • Salarv Accounts of different institutions.


  • Minimum Balance to be maintained :Nil
  • Interest Rate: As per timely Interest Published by the Bank (Click Here)
  • Interest payable Quarterly.
  • Tax on interest shall be levied as per prevailing Income Tax Act


  • Free ABBS Facility
  • Free On demand account statement
  • Free Cheque Book


  • Application Form.
  • Other legal documents- Citizenship Certifrcate,2 pieces of passport size photographs.
  • As per Operation Manual/KYC& AML Policy/ NRB Directives.

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