Debit Card


Lumbini Bikas Bank Limited (LBBL) offers SCT&NPN Debit Cards which are accepted within Nepal. These cards permit customers to withdraw cash from ATM terminals and to pay directly during purchases of goods & services from various merchants (POS terminals) accepting SCT/NPN cards. 



  1. LBBL SCT Debit Card
  2. LBBL NPN Debit Card 


Key Features:

  1. Access to wider ATM network throughout the nation
  2. PIN based secured transaction mechanism for every withdrawal and purchase
  3. Wide acceptance within Nepal
  4. Prompt SMS transaction alerts
  5. No charges are levied for using LBBL Debit card at LBBL ATM terminals
  6. No charges are levied for purchase of goods and services from merchant (POS) outlets 


Transaction Limit:


1 Maximum withdrawal limit per TXN at ATM NPR 16,000.00
2 Daily Cash withdrawal limit at ATM NPR 50,000.00
3 Daily purchase limit at POS  NPR 50,000.00
4 Maximum TXN limit attempt 5 times a day 


Fees & Charges:






Card Issuance

NPR 200

NPR 200


Card Reissuance (Lost, Damage etc.)

NPR 200

NPR 200


Pin Regeneration

NPR 100

NPR 100


Supplementary Card

NPR 300

NPR 300


Charge for uncollected of Debit Card*

NPR 250

NPR 250


Debit Card Validity

2 Years

3 Years


Balance Inquiry for other ATM

As per Network Tariff


Cash Withdrawal at other’s ATM

As per Network Tariff



As per Network Tariff

*Note: Uncollected ATM cards will be destroyedafter 6 months of issuance.


  Eligibility for LBBL Debit Card:

Any individual or organization holding an account (Saving, Current, and Premium) at any branch of LBBL is eligible to receive LBBL Debit card.


 Procedure to Apply for LBBL Debit Card:

  • Fill up the Application Form, for the desired Debit Card type, either SCT or NPN and submit it to the respective branch.
  • Collect your Debit card and PIN code on the specified day, have your card activated, and change the PIN.
  • Start to use your Debit Card at ATM and POS terminals, following below procedures.


 Procedure to use / deal with LBBL Debit Card: 

First time Forceful PIN Change: 

In case of SCTDebit Card, once you receive it, you are required to activate it by changing PIN (replace PIN provided by the bank with your own PIN) for the first time from any Lumbini Bikas Bank ATM or any other SCTSwitch integrated ATMs.

 In case of NPN Debit Card, forceful first time PIN change is not required compulsorily but we recommend changing of the PIN on the first attempt.


 Use of Card at POS: 

It is very simple and easy to use your debit card at any merchant location. Instead of paying cash, you may make payments of desired amounts using your card.

 You just swipe your card at the POS machines stationed at merchant locations and press desired payment amounts. The merchant officials may guide you.

  1. Two receipts will then be printed for you to sign. The merchant will keep one copy and hand over the second copy to you.


 Use of Card at ATM:

 Withdrawal of cash from ATM is very common and simple, which is described as under:

  1. Insert you Debit card in the card Reader. (In some ATM machines, you are required to pull the card inside card reader while in others you are required to dip the card in and pull it out quickly.)
  2. Enter your four digit PIN number.
  1. Select “Fast Cash” or select “Withdrawal”, to draw cash out from the ATM.
  2. Select the desired Amount for “Fast Cash” or type desired amount for “Withdrawal” activity. This must be in multiples of 500 in LBBL ATMs.
  3. Make sure to take your Cash, Debit Card and a Receipt paper.


 Card Lost or Stolen & Replacement Card: 

 In case your card is lost or stolen or you feel that your PIN number is disclosed to others, please inform to the bank immediately to block further usage of the Card.

You can receive “Replacement Card” against that Blocked card, by contacting and applying at the bank branches.


 Tips & Security Measures (Guidance):

  1. Please treat your card like cash and never keep it lying around.
  2. You are advised to change PIN provided by the bank at the time of using your card for the first time and periodically thereafter.
  3. A secret PIN code shall be provided to you in a sealed PIN Mailer. For security purpose, you are advised to memorize your PIN code and destroy the PIN Mailer.
  1. Do not keep your PIN with your Debit Card and do not disclose it to anyone.
  1. Please sign on the signature panel at the back side of your Debit Card, immediately upon receipt.
  2. If you lose your card, report to the bank immediately to block the same.
  3. Please do not bend your Debit Card.
  4. Check your account statement on regular basis. In case of any discrepancy, please inform to the Bank.